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Hey All-

I have a PTR-91 Target model with the 18" barrel. I am considering an XCR, but I need to unload this guy first. I have shot less than 300 rounds through it, and it is like new. I have owned it for about 6 months after I purchased it new for $1,050. It functions flawlessly with all the GA Canned Heat it has fired - no failures of any kind. It is mechanically perfect.

It has a rub mark on the plastic handguard from where it rode in the gun rack on my Jeep. Also, for the sake of full disclosure, there is a dimple on top of the gas tube, but I purchased it that way new and I thus assume that it is normal. Both are nonetheless pictured below in detail.

I am asking $800 delivered OR I am willing to trade. I am looking for either a Daewoo, a Robinson XCR, or a Galil. I would consider other items in trade, however.

Feel free to e-mail me at [email protected].


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