8.5" micro (quad-rail) 300 blackout pistol, it has the all ambi lower, type 3 gas block and type 1 bcg. It has lucky Irishmans 1913 adapter, and the strike industries PDW pistol brace. I've also got a 1000ish rounds of blackout food. 200 rds of vmax, 200 rds of 147 fmj, 250 rds m62 tracer, 200ish rounds of Remington 120gr(I've added more boxes of Remington ammo to the bucket) , 50 rds of sig copper solid, 65rds of grindhard expanding subsonic, 50rds of atomic subs 220 otm, and about a 1000 rounds of brass.

I would like to trade for XCR-L competition length, key-mod 5.56, with a 18 inch barrel, or a XCR-M 308 in pretty much any configuration.