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I'm considering trading my Sterling made AR-180, this is an early production model before they started bluing them. Infact it is a 625# ar180 they made, when Sterling took over production they started their serial numbers on a clean 15,000. This one is #15,625. Its in good shape for its age, but far from perfect, it has some minor rust pitting and the polymer stock and handguards are a bit scratched up. So it makes a great shooter! All internal parts work properly, including bolt hold open. Additional accessories that I have with it are as follow.
Original magazines
2x 20 round Howa mags(feed great), 2x 40round Sterling mags(feed okay when the stars are aligning just right)
Converted magazines
4x 20 round mags 1 colt and the other 3 are NHMTG, I also have 2x Brownells 30 round magazines, all feed well but sometimes can be finicky.

I also have a Midwest Industries picatinny rail scope mount, a reproduction sling that is OD green and leather, and a m16 bayonet, that looks like it's been through the shit and probably stabbed a few VC.

The three things I'm looking for and would like to discuss trading for are a 18" comp. length 556 xcr-l, a 12ish" 308 xcr-m pistol, or a PARA FAL, I'm open to pretty much any manufacturer except a century.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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