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WTT: Full House Custom Para P-14 For XCR or M-96

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This is my first here after lurking for sometime. (I have references on another board if you want them.)

I have a LN Full House Custom Para P-14 I have up for trade as I can no longer shoot a double stack 1911 due to a hand/arm injury. (Full build sheet and information below posted PIC.)

I am interested in a trade for a RA XCR and possibly an M-96. (I have one already, great little gun! May consider a trade on another if it's new or LN.)

(Email me for PICS) I will have better pics (see below) in a few days they are distorted and do not reflect the true finish and quality of this gun ... at all. Finish is KG Guncoat Matte BLACK.

[email protected]

WTT: .45 Super/.45 ACP Full House Custom Para P-14 For Quality Firearms or Optics.

This is an ad I had posted on another board that I cut and pasted here so I would not have to retype it.

The Ad:

I am selling the Para P-14 .45 Super/.45 ACP NCG
Gun set-up in .45ACP/.45 Super again (Does not fit my bad hand anymore -- bad hand/arm injury and I can't shoot a double stack Para anymore) as the guy who was buying it has reneged and forfeited his deposit.

·Full House Custom Gun In 99+% Condition

·20 LPI Hand Checked F/S

·20 LPI Flat Backstrap..

· Navadrix Gaboon Ebony Grips

·Ed Brown Ambi-safety, (trimmed/ modified)

·Replaced Mag release w/steel one (although, I do not recall the brand I think it was Ed Brown.

· All fire control parts H/T/S were replaced with premium ones.( I think we used C&S parts on this gun -- GREAT, and very crisp, 4.5 lb. trigger-pull. (my spec.) Tool steel ejector, Grip safety parts were replaced with high ride raised pad one.(S/A) (No cast parts on the gun, we replaced em all when we built it.)

·Dlask trigger (long)

· HD raised rib Flattop Slide -- special run non-marked Caspian.

·Rear Sights are X/S 24/7 dot tritium adjustable.

·FS is a custom made Big Dot that is drilled for a tritium inset. We wanted to wait and see if the FS was the correct height for me before sending it out for the Tritium vile to be mounted. It was, so it's all set to go. Many vendors do this very affordable.

· 2 hi-cap Para Ordnance factory Mags -- tuned to gun w/ Arredono follower and X2 floor plates.

· John Adkins finished the entire gun in KG Gun coat (Matte Black) -- no worries as to rust.

·The gun is 99% + condition and runs reliably w/ 230 gn. factory ammo.

·As with all of John's "Gas-Guns" it is EXTREMELY ACCURATE.

And, as well with all John's Gas-Guns may need a little tweaking as to springs to your own loads and/or the ammo one is using. (Various weight New Wollf springs included in the package see below)

·I have his updated gas piston set-up in the gun at present. See 'Tuning the Gas Gun" for info:
·I have included a new Wolff 18lb. and 20 lb. recoil spring, in addition to the current spring set-up in the gun.

·This gun would cost well upward of $2,000 to duplicate.

·The gun is dead nuts accurate! The most accurate 1911 you will ever experience.

Sorry for the bad pics ...my PC distorted them. They do not do the gun justice at all. (I may be able to get some better ones taken soon if my son's camera is available.)

The gun was fired to zero it @ 15 yd's and fired for function testing a few years ago. Since my hand got worse. (Bad industrial hand & arm injury makes a double stack 1911 unshootable for me anymore. I have not fired it beyond that. It has sat in the safe for about 5 years or so. Total round count probably 300-400 rds.

My bad hand precludes me from ever shooting this great gun again ... that is the ONLY reason it is being sold.

I am in N.E. Ohio if your in state and would like to inspect it but will entertain trades from anywhere.

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Your pic didn't work here. Try reposting the pic in a new window, that might help.

Welcome to the XCR Forum. Good luck with your sale.
Thanks for the welcome and advise!

I think were OK, now.
Yes, you are good to go!

Nice looking pistol ironman!
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