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XCR and handloading/reloading

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I'm considering the purchase of an XCR in 5.56, and I reload. I already have one rifle I don't shoot because it mangles brass...is the XCR going to be another one? Sorry if this has been covered, I was unable to find an answer.
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I've managed to find and collect 95% of all the brass I've shot through my XCR and all of it looks reloadable with just the usual tumble cleaning I do. The only bad ones were ones I accidently stepped on.
When I was shooting my rifle from new, I did notice that the first 20 or so rounds shot sustained a dented case neck from the case ejecting, but nothing that would stop you reloading.
Hey Garyk, I too reload and have NEVER had a dented/damaged with the XCR. It is a good choice and can readily accept AR add on goodies.
Second what everyone says, I couldn't afford to shoot as much as I do without reloading. XCR is great about putting all the brass in one nice little area and not killing the brass.
Second what everyone says, I couldn't afford to shoot as much as I do without reloading. XCR is great about putting all the brass in one nice little area and not killing the brass.

Same here, Neat little pile about 5-8 out at 2:00. Easy pickup and no damaged casings. I've already reloaded the first 500 I shot out of mine. 8)
You can also turn the gas off and cycle it by hand if you really want to make sure you can collect all the brass and have it in excellent condition.
Hey NY, Good observation....... I do that with my match brass in my FAL. But the XCR does stack it up in a pile for you. ;D ;D ;D
Yes, as a soon-to-be reloader (.223 and .308), I'll be expanding my efforts to collect all my useful brass from here on out. That might be tricky at my range though. My ARs throw the brass slightly rearward, so I usually can find a high percentage of it, and its in good shape.

My FALs throw the brass every which way, and often smash the case mouths pretty good. Just about all the .308 I've shot up till now has been foreign Berdan primed surplus, so I haven't really collected much brass. I think I have 20 once fired .308 cases from some hunting ammo I tried or something... its sad. I'm thinking that once I get the FALs shooting reloads I'm going to have to turn the gas way down, or off entirely to keep from smashing up the case mouths.

I hear the XCR ejects forward, which means I might lose a lot of the brass in the grass that is forward of the firing line at my range. Especially during the break in period with the gas turned all the way up and the brass likely flying a good distance. I guess we'll see.

I would like to put some kind of barrier on the bench to knock the brass down, but I shoot left handed, so that might be a tricky endeavor all by itself... not much bench real estate available to the right of the gun when you are shooting off the right side of the bench.

Are there any brass catchers out there that can hook on via the top rail that would work with the XCR?
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E & L Manufacture would be the most likely to do something. Check my link below.

Before I spent $35 + shipping for a model specific brass catcher, I think I would construct a catcher from pvc. The money saved would go in the "components" drawer towards ammo. :rockon:
Yep, I just take an extra target stand with me to the range and position it at 2 oclock. seems to keep all my brass in a nice little pile as long as I am not moving when shooting.
I use the Alexander Arms brass catcher and scout rail on my XCR and ARs. I also use the DSA catcher on my FAL and they both work well. They are soft sided catchers and precent the brass from getting damaged too much.
Thanks for all the replies. I'm trying to decide between an XCR or another AR build, so its good to know that the XCR plays well with us brass scroungers.
Hey garyk, The XCR is an IMPROVEMENY over the AR direct gas system. Who wants to Shit in your mess kit? Think about it, the AR puts most all of the "left overs" in the action and/or your face. Ever have a "failure ro eject" with your AR???? If you didn't bring your cleaning kit you are done for the day! The XCR is like the AK in this respect, remove the magazine,place the butt on the ground and kick the bolt open. Reincert the mag, feed a round, and you are back in business. :duh: :duh: :duh:
So I started prepping 100 of the first cases that went through my XCR. I'm new to reloading, but not new to examining all the brass that comes out of my rifles. I think the XCR is easier on the brass than any other fixed ejector rifle that I have ever seen. There is hardly a mark on it. Very nice. There were a handful of slightly dinged case mouths, but nothing like what the FAL does to them, and that was running on a gas setting 4. They will probably be in even better shape running on less gas down the road.
Yeah, I have some cases that have been fired 3 or 4 times in my XCR and they are doing just fine. I would say that with proper prep work you could get quite a few uses out of your brass. Most of mine in military, thank goodness for the super swage 600 from dillon...
As long as you don't load to max pressure oyu should be able to get up to seven uses form each case. I also find tht 3-5% under max pressure gives me better accuracy so it's a win-win.
That is about what I am seeing. I have a few cases that were loaded pretty hot, some once fired reloads a buddy got. The XCR ripped the bottom of the case clear off on ejection, where you typically see the rings starting to form. Depending on what load and gun I run between 4-7% less than max and seems to do well.

I have no reason to believe that I can't get 7-8 loads out of a piece shot through the XCR (assuming they are new when I get them). The .mil once fired stuff is probably good for around 5-7, depending if it was from an M4 on the qual range or the M249. :2cents:
Does the age of brass cases figure into how many loadings you can get out of them? i.e. do they become brittle(r) or anything over time? Will I get fewer loadings out of my early 90s Radway cases (which comprise the bulk of .223 cases I have on hand... I haven't preped any of them yet though).
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