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Just be sure to follow the recommended break- in described on Robinson Arms Website.

The XCR is one of the most reliable rifles money can buy. However, they must be "broken in" properly before they are reliable. The break in period is approximately 300 rounds. During this period parts slightly wear against each other until they glide smoothly.

If you use weak ammunition such as Wolf during the break in period, you may experience malfunctions which are caused by the bolt not moving back far enough when the rifle is fired. Here's a list of these malfunction:

1) The bolt does not go back far enough to pick up the next round and forces the round forward by the middle of the cartridge case. (We refer to this as a "short feed"). Many think this is a failure to feed; it is not.
2) An empty case gets caught between bolt and receiver such that the empty case is sticking out of the ejection port. (This is referred to as a "stove pipe".)
3) An empty case is not ejected and an empty case is shoved back inside the chamber. (Note: sometimes the empty case has swollen and it's hard to pull back on the charging handle.) And
4) An empty case and an unfired case get stuck in the action.

These malfunctions are all caused by the same thing - The bolt carrier and bolt are not traveling far enough to the rear of the rifle when fired. All these malfunctions will go away as soon as the rifle is broken in.

Suggestions for Easy Break In

1) Make sure the rifle is well lubricated during the break in period. (You should not need much lube after the break in.)
2) Use hot ammo such as "American Eagle" during the break in period. (Note: Weak ammo such as "Wolf" and other light ammo will cause you grief during the break in period.) And
3) Leave the gas setting to setting 4 (the highest setting).
4) We love to talk to our customers. However, it's best to follow these procedures before calling.

Reason for the Break In

The more the XCR is shot the smoother it gets. The XCR's parts are made on modern CNC equipment and have nice surface finishes. However, some parts simply need to wear together to work their best. We could have designed the XCR so that it used additional force to cycle the system from the beginning so that no break in would have been necessary. Had we done so, there would have been little difference between the highest and lowest gas settings and the rifle would always cycle harder that it would need to once it was broken in.

After the Break In

After the break in, the rifle will function reliably with hot ammo such as "American Eagle" on position 2 (this may vary from rifle to rifle). Weak ammo such as "Wolf" will function reliably on setting 4 (the highest setting).

If you are still having problems, check the following: (Follow safety precautions in the "Operator's Manual" and make sure the rifle is not loaded.)

1) After the firearm cools, grab the gas block and make sure it is tight and not moving. Tighten it if moving.
2) Remove the upper receiver from the lower receiver. Check the ejector and make sure it is tight. Then with the upper receiver upside down, take a hold of the recoil spring guide and slide the bolt carrier assembly back and forth in the receiver. Make sure it slides freely and does not bind against the ejector.

The gas valve should be set so that the empty cases are ejected approximately 8' to 15' from the rifle. If some empty cases are ejecting only a few feet, you're gas setting is not high enough and your sure to experience a malfunction.

We thank you for purchasing our product. Should you have any problem or question whatsoever, please do not hesitate to contact us.

I recommend the Eotech 512 but the Aimpoint is also a popular choice.

Have Fun !

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It arrived today. It has only 60 rounds through it so I still need to break it in. I went with an EOTech 511. I am very impressed with the XCR. So much so I am considering selling one or both of my AKs when the 7.62x39 conversion becomes available.
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