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XCR breaking in ammo

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Well I guess I am official....Ordered my XCR from AIM firearms last week and should be getting it this Thursday. Rifle will come with:

Folding stock
heavy barrel
hard case
1 30 rd mag

My questions is will monarch ammo due for the break in period of the rifle? Can't spend to much money on ammo sense I just spend 1300 dollars ;). Also is Fiocchi ammo any good for break in? I would prefer monarch if possible because it is so easily available at my local academy.
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Good question Attila. I was wondering the same thing about some .223 I got from Georgia Arms last week. Canned Heat. Does anyone know if these are "high pressure" enough for the break-in process? ???
I believe it has been stated that hotter (5.56 spec) ammo is recommended for break in. I have some Win Q3131 set aside for the purpose. I doubt canned heat or any steel case load would be loaded that hot.
I think you'll be alright, you will probably have more cycle problems than the norm with the lower charge. Keep that in mind! After you get the 350 cycles you should be alright. I used some down loaded .223 that I pressed in 1989 & only had 2 malfuctions.
How did the Georgia Ammo work for break in?
i used a mixture of PMC and MAGTECH.... a few fte on gas level 4.... worked through it and found gas level 2 just chewed right through everything.... a few shells kicked out at about 5 feet but 90% of the 350 rounds kicked out well over 8'.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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