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XCR Bulpup?

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What about it Alex? any plans.

I figure the basic structure will work fine, have the option to reverse the bolt to switch ejection side to keep lefties happy. Any ejection post cover that can move form side to side should be easy and a trigger extension shouldn't be too hard. The selector can probably stay as it is, although some people would probably get pissy if it wasn't moved forward. Could even modify to go with striker fire and still retin the basic bolt setup.

I suspect you could use the basic structure and end up with a killer design. Imagine an 18inch barrel in a rifle measuring less than 30" overall. I played with some basic sketches and it should work.
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Ive always wanted a bullpup, but none of them quite entice me enough yet, and Ive seen them AAALLL, down to those crazy, crazy Russian proto types, except Kel techs RFB that looks awsome, or if possible an XCR Id let some one take a hammer to each of my fingers individually for a bullpup XCR, but Ive got the feeling Rob isn't to into bullpups, I just have that feeling.
An XCR Bullpup would be sweet!
M'mmmmmm bullpup XCR...then I can get over my continual hankering for an L85A2. Pleeeeeese Alex is there any chance.... ;D
Someone will photoshop one for you. ;D Hopefull will tide you over for a minute.

I had hopes for the Bushmaster XM17. I got to shoot one that KKM down in FL had customized. They corrected a few shortcomings. I would buy one of those.
I like the IDI Tavar too.

A bullpup XCR sounds great. I'm in. One in 308, well all the calibers (6.8, 6.5, 762x39, & 5.56) SWEEET!!!!! ;D

I want one, & I want one NOW. :hopmad:
I guess I will be lone voice of dissent here and say it does not interest me. I just cannot get into a tactical rifle that prevents you from effectively using cover from both shoulders. Heck, since the L85 was mentioned, I am reminded of the British soldiers who refused to patrol the right side of a street for this reason. This also keeps me from getting excited about the AUG clones. The only bullpups that interest me are those with forward or downward ejection.
I love to see RA try their hand at a Bullpup. >:D
I did Ireland with an L85 and had no issues at all. I didn't even have the A2 varient.

An XCR bulpup giving caliber change capability would be the mutts nuts! Imaging an 18 or 20" barrel in a 30" package. .223 lethal out to 300m, options for 6.5 or 6.8. ambi controls and flip the bolt for right side/left side ejection and you'd have a winner.
Well making the XCR bulpup Alex would have to pretty much completely redesign every thing. So if he did design bullpup no reason it couldn't have forward ejection... this is just a dream though, it would take a ton of work and resources that I doubt the have and can afford, it would be completely awsome though.
You guys didnt hear?

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Wow. that is neato. Bullpups have always intrigued me. I picked up FS2000 (spaceship not included) at the gunshow and found it difficult to shoulder quickly though, and very clumsy. If it were lying on the ground, it was hard to pick up and position properly in ones hands. The Steyr AUG clone was easier to handle. It would be nice of Alex and gang to design a bullpup from the ground up that actuallu has good balance and handling. A great bullpup evaluation is here: http://anarchangel.blogspot.com/2005/03/why-bullpups-are-persistently-bad-idea.html
You guys didnt hear?

... nothing to read here...
You guys didnt hear?

That is from Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter GRAW2, it suppose to fire caseless bullets and it has a 50rd magazine in the game...
DUDE! I could have kept people going for days. Way to buzzkill! :'(
oops I edit it dead no one will know...
oops I edit it dead no one will know...

:p :duh: ;D
I like the M203 idea for crowd control, or to disperse prairie dogs. With the 6.5 you could use a 24" barrel in a fairly compact package. This would give you the "advertised" velocities for the 6.5. :2cents: Bet it would sell. :crossedfingers:
Wouldn't have to be a total redesign. Side ejection will work, it just needs a bolt that can go in upside down to allow the extractor/ejector to flip from side to side. Trigger bars will work fine for releasing the hammer and the bulk of the reciever internals can remain the same.

G11 stock isn't really necessary.
Hmmm, it appears to be missing a couple of triggers, unless the grip s a pressure sensitive trigger...
Alex has a new one comming out which uses telepathy.
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