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XCR can now be designated as my SHTF weapon...

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Well I red loctited my extractor bolts and let them sit in the rifle for a good week before taking her to the range.

Went to the range yesterday with 10 full mags of various ammo, even Wolf, and the XCR ran without a hiccup. I shot as fast as I could at various targets and must of shot all 10 mags in about 5 minutes. The range I go to has gong targets (in outline of sillouettes, circles, sheep, goat, etc) at distances from 100-500 yards.

I still have her on the #4 gas setting and might experiment with lowering it next time to see if recoil is reduced. Have to say, the recoil is pretty light already and can't see how it will improve much, but we'll see.

I also went home and checked the bolts again, and to see if I could take them off. Good news is bolt stayed put and it took lots of heat (from a lighter) to get them off. I can't see ever having to unload even 300 rounds in 5 les than minutes for any SHTF situation, so for me my XCR is good to go and is now ready to take on the world.

That is all.
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Hopefully I'll be able to say the same after the arctic and desert evals......

But that'll take me probably half a year or so.
that becase you are a ho an am not. i speak my true feelings.
I hope you speak your true feelings with more clarity and precision than you write them.
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