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XCR folding charging handles, who wants one?

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From mountainman:

OK, I am ready to take down all the orders in one place, so I can update everyone that wants one and figure out how much material I need. If you want one then follow this link, [email protected]
cut a paste this in your heading XCR FCH and in the body tell me how many you want and what your address is.
Do all that and I will have you down. I'll let you know when it is time for funds.

Well guys I've finished drawing up the specs for a folding charging handle ala SLR style and I have a machinist (mountainman on the FALFiles) to make them. I'll have my sample here soon and I'll take plenty of pics. Now, they're going to be made from aluminum, because for obvious reasons we don't want a steel handle slamming closed on a aluminum receiver. In order for him to have the aluminum anodized he needs 15 or more people committed to purchasing one, or else he'll just paint them. So how about it, who would be interested in one?


- This will be a complete unit made of 7075 aluminum, the lug will be 4140 pre-hardened steel, as will the knob.
- Price looks like it will be $73, and that's for the entire unit with anodizing and shipping included.
- I changed the design making the slide as short as possible without exposing charging handle track cut into the receiver, so it should work with ezed's adapter. Either way, there's no way to go shorter without leaving an exposed slot into the internals.

The List (it's a go!):
- Rain Away (1)
- Norm0931 (1)
- MickeyC (2)
- Underground (1)
- TomAiello (2)
- Merlin (1)
- Martens (2)
- DSM (1)
- captain92 (1)
- cavegeo (1)
- Gramps96Kz (3)
- Habrok (1)
- cjt50 (1)
- nyati13 (1)
- MrChem (1)
- Mad Dawg (1)
- davek (1)

Here are some CAD's of the prototype (still tweaking the handle CAD). I didn't list any of the dimensions since they may be tweaked once I get my test sample:

And here's some pics of a modified SLR handle that I found in the parts bin:

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Not since about 2014, lol.
I figured as much. Searches were turning old posts.
Yeah...sorry man. Mountain Man just didn't make a bunch. If they'd retained the regular knob's FBA, I probably would have bought a bunch. :(
Did this design work? Any feedback?
Is there a high enough interest in this to do more?
Has anyone ever approached RA about this modification/change?
It worked fine...no FBA though and though I've never had to use the CH as an assist on any of my XCRs to get the BCG into battery, I'd still want that as a feature, so I never bought one.

RA thinks the current knob is fine.
I wrote to Mountainman directly with some questions about function and availability of his folding charging handles. He appears to be quite busy (who isn't?) and failed to answer a couple questions. I was hoping this forum could fill in the blanks for him.

Will this folding charging handle work on an XCR-M?

Was the forward assist addressed?

He said he will begin working on them "next month", which should be July or August of 2021, depending on how you look at it. Look forward to it.
Yes, it will work on an M. No, you'll lose forward assist.
JFYI, MM already has a design....though I don't know if he's working on a change to make it capable of forward assist (there was talk of that, but I'm not sure by him).
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Yeah i saw that. I messaged him to see where it was at and if he wanted help with manufacturing but havent heard back yet, and i was hoping someone could confirm the status so i didnt step on any toes. Thats not my style. If hes not going to pursue it, I will because i want one.
Frankly, he's been delaying doing another run for quite a while and there's definite interest. In this situation, I'd say the early bird catches the worm, but that's just me.
If it has forward assist, I'd consider it. That's what's held me back in the past, which is probably silly considering I've never once needed it on any of my XCRs.
10s of thousands of rounds and I’ve never needed one. Ever.

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On ARs, doing a chamber check, I've 'needed' them if I wanted to do it more quietly than re-racking the charging handle. And from my understanding....that's all they were ever meant to do.
Where can we be updated on the completion of these handles?
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