I'm looking for an competition length M-lok upper for the XCR-L. I do need the extractor screwed into it. I don't need the brass deflector or the charging slide assembly since I have an extra few of those already and I don't need any of the other variations since I seem to be covered for those except M-lok. It doesn't matter what color, I'll be painting it ODG if necessary.

I also have a need for a 16" 5.56 heavy profile barrel, 1:8 or 1:7 twist. Now that I have my first rifle suppressor, I've come around to appreciating suppressed shooting and I need something that doesn't cause progressive bullet drop like my light profile does. I don't need a muzzle device on it, I'll be using my own. I'm used to using the Type 3 gas block but that's not too important.

I have some need for small parts for the -L as well, but I'll see if RA has any of such parts they can ship out. All of these parts will be used for projects I'd like to build for the XCR in the near future.