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XCR-L Opening Itself While Firing

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First, just to make sure, are the spring guide male part and lower receiver female part correct? Should the actuation nub look like this when the rifle is assembled?

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Rifle is 12XXX serial number. Bought it 2nd-hand. "Competition" length upper and a 14.5" heavy barrel with pinned/welded Surefire Warcomp (dunno why the PO chose the Warcomp as the competition handguard length covers the back of the device and precludes installing a can...) Has all the ambi parts and the FAST2 stock.

I've had the rifle on a square range several times to zero different optics with no problems.

Yesterday, while on the clock at a competition, I get Bang, Bang, dead trigger. I smacked the mag and went to rack the charging handle and when I did, I almost smacked myself in the face with the operating assembly.

At some point during the cycle the rifle had opened itself and had NOT reset the trigger. It did successfully eject the empty case.

At that failure I was standing and shooting over the trunk of a prop car using the car and a large sandbag as a rest.

I put it back together and proceeded with the stage. It happened twice more during that stage - once from a similar shooting position on another car and again while kneeling and shooting from a van's dashboard.

Same thing happened while shooting prone against a barricade port at the next stage.

Was using the same ammo with which I set zero - full pressure 5.56, 62 gr. brass cased from Stand 1 Armory.

Any ideas what's could be causing this?
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That's what I assumed y'all would confirm.
I will try again (and push harder) to get it to set 100% but as far as I can remember since I've had it, Picture 1 was as deep as the male component of the spring guide has set.
I guess I got lucky it hasn't popped open on me before.
Confirmed. If I separate the receivers, I can get the nub to seat all the way but have to really wiggle and force it.

Tried some gentle taps with a rubber mallet with no luck.

I'll need to sand on the little pip to get it to seat but still have a tighter lockup.

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Bingo. That's what I did. It slots 100% into place now.
I had to carve off quite a bit more of the the nub than I thought I would but it'll seat all the way and needs a good smack to come back open now.
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