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XCR Light configuration questions

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Hi folks,

I've been lusting over getting some flavor of AR15 / M16 style rifle for a good bit now. I've always been a bit fanatical when it comes to M16's and I got my little bit of experience firing them when I was enlisted in the good ole USAF. I got marksman too :)! Now that I'm out though I would like to get one of my own mainly for target practice / plinking. Eventually if I could find some opportunities to get into some competition shooting I'd like to do that too, but thats a long way off and I sort of need to get one first! :duh:

Anyways... point being I've been researching for some time now with what type of rifle I'd like to get and I've looked heavily into DPMS to start with. Then I came across the 556 and started researching that. Well one of those lovely threads brought me here eventually with some research, and it seems I've now settled with an XCR. I like the fact of a company that is going to stand behind their product. Also if I want to convert it to 6.8mm and then take it hunting to check it out I can do that.

Anyways, long back story and lets get onto some questions. Having never saw an XCR in person and just with pictures I'm a bit confused about some of the configuration deals. I'm thinking this weekend I'll go to the nearest dealer in Beaufort, SC and check out what they are like.

I'm fairly certain that for my purposes I wouldn't really need a heavy barrel. I dont plan on a great deal of sustained fire, and I wouldn't think I would need one of those. Next question is does anyone have any pictures of the 3 slot muzzle break? I know what the regular A2 looks like. Are there pictures of the different folding stock styles? I'm not sure I'm much on the folding stock and that is something that I would have to hold to see if I like it. I'm one of the people that usually rest their cheek on the stock, and I'm not sure that will work. Does anyone have a folding stock and shoot the same way? Also does anyone have pictures actually looking down the sights that can be installed from factory? Ideally I would want to get an aimpoint or an ACOG since they seem to be the crowd favorites of folks, and I'm sure that many people can't be wrong!
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Pictures of all the stocks and muzzle brakes are on Robinson's website, http://www.robarm.com/

I have the light barrel, folding stock version with an ACOG and Troy Industries BUIS. I have no problem getting a good cheek weld on the tube stock. There are a number of ways to add pads to these tube stocks and Alex is about to come out with his own version of a non-tube stock. Here's some pictures of mine.

In this next picture you can see the height of the ACOG above the tube stock. It's more of an upright head position than the canted over cheek weld I have to use on my Weatherby. Bottom line though is that I don't have a problem with it.

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Thadbme, you asked about my iron sights. No, I don't have the ACOG setup so I can simultaneously use the iron sights. The ACOG is a 4x scope and the eye relief is such that I have it set back so far that the rear sight can't be unfolded with the ACOG mounted. However, it is on a mount with two big knobs that would allow easily removing it in the field. Many will say that's not optimum for a combat rifle, but I'm a civilian now. ;D

Other's have reported mounting BUIS with various reddots like the EoTEC and the Aimpoints and are able to co-witness with the iron sights. Check the picture threads and you'll see some.
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