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XCR on Futureweapons?

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HK 416 was on
Barrett M468
Masada is coming up soon

So...how is it the most advanced carbine currently sold on the planet has been overlooked...

Who does Alex need to call, or who do we need to start writing because I think its a little tragic that LWRC of all companies got on futureweapons while Robinson has been overlooked
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You have that Shit right...... Our Government is punishing Rob Arms like a step child. Not the best for an innovative company. That my friends is politics...... knee pads help. :2cents:

I saw the LWRC show last night and was wondering the same thing.

Not sure it will help, but the show does have a forum for suggestions.


It would be better if we had a contact to pass on to RA.
Ok, for what it is worth, I got something started on the Discovery forums

Do you need some back-up over there VA???
It is not a high traffic site, so if 50 people jump in there and start piling on it might look a bit odd. However, a few posts here and there to keep it on top and to straiten out people would be helpful. ;D
"No worries Mate!"

I think I need a kangaroo smiley??
LWRC is getting on Future Weapons for a 2nd time I just read. Seriously...what the hell...
That's hard to believe, the XCR would certainly meet the criteria for being innovative especally compared to those already mentioned. Hopefully this will be rectified!
So last night was the predicted Masada episode which also had the Knight's PDW.

At least they are living up to the "future" billing since neither of these weapons are shipping to my knowledge and certainly not to civilians.

The PDW looked nice and they showed it firing at body armor, but they did not show breaking it down. It is pretty clear it is not multi-caliber since they talked about designing it around the round. Appears to uses the AR trigger group like the Masada. Makes me wonder if the AR trigger is that good or is it just convenient to use it? The PDW weighs something like 4.5 lbs. Smooth shooting in full auto with little muzzle climb. I did notice the BUIS would oscillate in full auto during a nice slow motion shot. I would not have thought that to be possible.

The Masada was shot indoors in what appeared to be a fairly controlled environment. They broke it down, but did not show any detailed like the barrel cam attachment. They showed being able to assemble any configuration quickly with no tools. Seems slick, but I wonder how sturdy it is. The stock snaps on as do the hand guards. Nothing you can't do with an XCR, but you do need a tool for the barrel and stock assembly.

Alex needs to up the ante by showing the XCRL, XCR-M, XCR-PDW, and and XCR-H in .50 and 20mm :D
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Did someone mention the XCR-H in .50 BMG????? Did they????
Flip, I heard 20mm, that whoul be truly a sight to see...
Here is a Knights PDW video.... I'm getting off topic :duh:

Alexander Arms has been on there twice also. I do not get how weapons can be put on the show when they are not that innovative like the Barret M4 that fired the 6.8 SPC. That is basically in M4 in a different caliber. It just does not make sense :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:
VaPlinker, I don't it's weather the AR trigger group is all that good. It's just been around for 40+ years, it's simple and works, it's tunable and customizable. Mainly everyone uses it, so you can get replacement parts everywhere. Or keep a few parts kits around like me.

Thats the ONLY drawback to XCR's. The trigger group/lower parts are proprietary. That's why no one I know wants one.

Regardless, Futureweapons needs to feature the XCR!
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