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Is the XCR Trigger so bad that you wish you hadn't have purchased you rifle?

XCR Trigger

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OK, there is so much "Talk" about the XCR having a trigger system that is "So Bad that it's putting me off purchasing one" I would like to hear, via this poll, from actual owners of the XCR rifle as to their ideas. Please feel free to add comments/suggestions that potential owners, and Robinson Armament Management, can read and hopefully learn from.

Please try to keep your comments to a polite "constructive" criticism so we can all benefit from the knowledge base of our members.

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My XCR was my first foray into the EBR world. Prior to purchasing it I've only owned hunting rifles with good triggers (My current hunting rig is a Weatherby Mark V for big game and a 22-250 for varmint shooting with match style triggers).

I have been shooting IDPA for awhile and developed a quick sight picture/trigger pull technique that any speed shooting competitor can relate to. On taking the XCR to the range the first time, I had no idea what to expect and treated it like IDPA - that is to say, acquire a quick sight picture and pull the trigger. I do remember the trigger pull initially as being quite different from my hunting rifles, but didn't think anything of it. My first shots were on target (which consisted of pieces of clay targets at about 25yds) with no problems. In fact I was very surprised and delighted with the ease of hitting targets rapidly.

My next EBR was a DSA FAL and it's trigger was definitely worse than the XCRs in terms of feel and pull weight, but again I was treating it as a rapid shooting platform and not interested in MOA accuracy.

All in all, I'm happy with my XCR and will certainly replace the trigger with one of Alex's drop in units when he has them ready - but not because I'm unhappy with it as is.
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I voted 2.

I'm waiting for the single stage target trigger Robarms is working on.
My XCR is my 1st Black Rifle so I did not know any better... well when I was sighting in my Eotech
another shooter with a RRA AR 15 with a Match Trigger let me shoot his gun.

That was when it hit me... My trigger kinda sucks..

It's geting better...I think but I wish Robinson would fix this issue.
Same for me ...my first black rifle too. The trigger is disappointing but I still enjoy the XCR anyway.
Thanks for the input guys, keep it coming! It might make a difference? ::)
Kinda curious people keep comparing theXCR's trigger to match triggers, that dosent seem very fair. Are most standerd triggers good or better? I've only owned my XCR so I dont know, really dont care about the trigger as long as Im not straining my finger to pull it.
Good point Ranly,

It is hard to remember that the AR15/M16 has been around since the early 60's and has had a hell of a lot of development in that period, not to mention the after market introducing products to make the AR15/M16 work better.

This is a combat weapon, and combat weapons have heavy triggers compaired to sporting rifles/pistols. We have some early modle M16's at work and the trigger on those is alot worse than ANY moden day firearm, but they are still fun to shoot!
hmm i have over 25 weapons the trigger on the xcr is about as bad as the trigger on my mac 10 full auto the worst pull. I gauged it when i first got it it broke at 28 pounds , i would definitely buy a 3lb single stage if one was available. that said the trigger has gotten a little lighter5 since break in i will have to put a gauge on it again
I know the XCR trigger is known to improve over time, which is good. The one time I have had the opportunity to shoot an XCR so far, I thought that the trigger felt much like the standard semi-auto trigger on an AR, which for me is fine for what it is. Is it reasonable, and also, is it reliable? That is a key point. In the AR15 world, there are certainly nice match triggers available, but they are not as reliable as the standard trigger.

The RRA two stage match trigger is supposed to be better feeling than the standard trigger, and just as reliable. You still hear reports of them going down from time to time though. Not so with the stadard single stage. All my ARs have standard triggers. They are not match rifles.

I went shooting with a buddy I haven't seen in a while yesterday. He is building an AR for highpower competition, and has the lower all set up, but the upper hasn't come in yet. We paired my upper with his lower and took a few shots. The trigger is a Gesille (not sure how that is spelled) adjustable weight, set to about 3lb I think. Was it nice? Sure. Will it make anyone shoot much better with that upper? I doubt it. Its a milspec upper. I'll take the reliability on non-match guns.

Also, looking at the internal diagram of the XCR lower, the trigger and disconnector look *very* similar to an AR's standard parts. I'm sure it is quite possible to take them out and hit the contact surfaces with some 600 grit sandpaper or something, and expedite the break in process yourself.

As long as my XCR's trigger doesn't come as something worse than a stadard AR's, I'll certainly be happy for now. If and when a match trigger is released, I'll wait for a few field reports before buying that as well. At best it will be 3rd or 4th on my wishlist of XCR add-ons after the base rifle comes in.
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Kinda curious people keep comparing the XCR's trigger to match triggers, that doesn't seem very fair. Are most standard triggers good or better?
With today's technology there is no reason not to incorporate a trigger that is reasonably easy to manage ~ this only increases accuracy. Even though the XCR is a combat weapon ~ it is not fully auto ~ I don't any of us would be complaining in that scenario. It doesn't have to be a feather light match trigger ~ but something reasonable (better than it is now). IMO.
I think it's something that could be improved, definitely, but it's dealable. And once everything wears in, it's not as bad. Anything you buy new is going to be stiff and hard to work with to some degree. Hopefully we get those triggers designed soon... It would be a nice change.
I think it's something that could be improved, definitely, but it's dealable.  And once everything wears in, it's not as bad.  Anything you buy new is going to be stiff and hard to work with to some degree.  Hopefully we get those triggers designed soon... It would be a nice change.
Imagine that somebody goes into a gunstore looking for an AR type rifle. They happen to pick a store that carries several different types, with one being the XCR. They look over the guns and maybe shoulder a few and dry fire them. I certainly would not pick the one with a terrible trigger, especially if it was more espensive than the AR that was sitting next to it on the shelf, and from a company that I'd never heard of before walking in to the store.

I'm not saying that many of your sales are impulse sales, but why market a gun with a sub-par trigger in the first place? If you want sales to pick up then finish the trigger as well as you have finished the outside of the gun.

Hope you find my comments helpful, and I'm still looking forward to placing an order one day soon.
Anything you buy new is going to be stiff and hard to work with to some degree.
I don't necessarily agree. It doesn't have to be stiff. Many, Many new guns are great right off the bat.

Hopefully we get those triggers designed soon... It would be a nice change.
Yes it surely would.
I don't tolerate poor triggers on any of my rifles. As Aussie, myself, bolster, and some others will attest, Bill Springfield's work is very effective and economical to boot. If you're worried about changing reliability or safety-which I don't consider to be issues here btw, you can replace the entire fire control group back to stock for not too much $...
has Bill got a jig yet ? when i talked to him he needed my whole lower assembly to do it . granted that was some time back i still hesitate to send the whole lower :-\
It's the only thing on the rifle that is a detraction. Everything else is great. Add a DNTC Muzzle Break and this thing rocks!

I appreciate the comments about the trigger improving with time so that once the rifle has broken in it's not as bad, but that isn't really good enough. It's like RA is saying, we don't finnish the parts in the factory properly so you, the owner needs to do it for us. I also appreciate the issues with running a fairly small business but given the quality of the rest of the rifle it really is not good enough. It's like Ferrari dropping in a set of go tractor wheels and telling you they will wear down with use!

I picked up an AR15 lower with a stock trigger that is better than my broken in (4000rd+) XCR trigger, constand feel, clean break etc... Two of the issues with the XCR Trigger is the quality control and production process. The design is quite clever but shoddy manufacturing and QC has buggered it. Casting marks where they shouldn't be for function. Parts that don't fit on the pins etc... I'll probably buy more kits/rifles form RA but only once the trigger is resolved. funnily enough it was grreat before the recall, perfect two stage with no issues. When it came back the only way it will two stage is with the upper and lower separated. I even got guys at the range to try it to make sure it wasn't me or my wife. I was sent spare parts, but with one set the quality was so bad the disconnector wouldn't even fit on the trigger pin.

As an owner it's increddibly frustrating, but for RA it's costing you business as I personally moved my spending to other rifles while I wait for a solution. Instead of a 6.8 kit I went for an AR15 LWRC with an Timney trigger. OK the ergonomics aren't as good but wow, the genie has left the bottle. Hopefully the new triggers will resolve this and 193 can come out and play.
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FWIW I sent an email to Bill Springfield and my XCR Trigger group/lower will be on it's way.
I have had enough and must have a better trigger.
I dont know,after about 1500 rounds i gaged the trigger ,it went down to about 5 lbs. its a battle rifle ,not a NM .you want that go with Rock River.
I received my Lower back from Bill Springfield last week. Today is the first chance I had to shoot it. In a word....... if you want an OUTSTANDING trigger send it to Bill. And at only $49.00 (and this INCLUDES return postage) it is a steal. It is now almost a single stage trigger. I sent it off one week, and received it back the next. I highly recommend his work. Gunner69 P.S. Whatever he does to it sure makes a sweet XCR!
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