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XCR vs. Mountain Lion

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How well do you think a 223/5.56 will stack up against a mountain lion?

My job has unexpected hazzards, lol.

And this happened within 15 miles of my house!


Border Patrol agent escapes charging mountain lion unharmed
By Brady McCombs
Arizona Daily Star
Tucson, Arizona | Published: 10.03.2007

A mountain lion charged a U.S. Border Patrol agent who was on patrol Tuesday afternoon near the Santa Cruz River east of Nogales.

The agent escaped unharmed as he fired his weapon in defense and forced the animal to flee, said Rob Daniels, Border Patrol Tucson Sector spokesman. The agent said he didn’t think he hit the animal and reported no blood or other evidence of injury to the mountain lion. It’s unknown how many shots were fired, but Daniels said there was at least one.

The agency reported the incident to the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office, San Rafael Ranch State Park and the Arizona Game and Fish Department, Daniels said.

The incident occurred at about 3:25 p.m. Tuesday east of Lochiel near the Santa Cruz River, about 65 miles southeast of Tucson. The agent was on foot doing his routine patrol in the remote area, Daniels said.

Encounters with wild animals are not unheard of for agents who spend considerable time in remote areas. Daniels remembers an agent who was gored by an animal a few years back and had to be airlifted to a hospital.

“Obviously, there are wild animals out there,” Daniels said. “So, if an agent is by himself and there’s potential for an attack of some sort, that would lead the agent to do as he did.”
I shot an injured goat once. On the job.
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Damn, I used to hunt wild pigs (pickery (SP)??? while stationed in Arizona. I would NOT trust the puny .223 on cats. You need too many "follow up" shoots. The new 6.8 or a 7.62x39 AK round would fare much better. I shoot the 60 gr Nozzler in my .223s when forced too. Have a nice run.............. while the lions chase!!!!!
My dad had a close one last winter. He was hiking all over some local mountains with a friend, and they found a cave. they went in, and there was a crack from the surface over the cave all the way into the cave. crammed in the crack was a dead deer, freshly killed. They heard a rumble, turned towards the entrance, and there was a big, mean female mountain lion. luckily, they managed to scare her off by dancing around and yelling, rather than having to shoot her.
If you check back issues of Sports Afield or similar you'll find lots of articles on mountain lion hunting. The ones with dogs use small caliber, I even seem to remember .22s, since cats a thin skin animals. Of course that's was with the cats treed by dogs. On the ground I'd want something heavier but a .223 should be plenty.
Wasn't there someone here on XCR forum that hunted grizzly w/an XCR using 855?

I'd figured (hoped) that at least I could get 3 or 4 quick hits with the XCR before it hit me. But then again I kinda would question the validity of the chased Agent but then again we have some pretty big f-ing cats down here and with all the illegal alien and smuggling activity thay may not be so scared of humans.

And I am patiently waiting the 7.62x39 conversion.

And Terra, what kind of dance was it?? lol
I had a close call 20 feet from my front door with a 700lb. black bear. Nothing a .308 didn't fix in a hurry. I don't know if I would have trusted a .223 in that emergency??? :eek:
I love animals. I respect them. But nothing scares me more than bears. :eek: I used to read Outdoor Life, and I would read the bear attack stories and scare the pee out of myself. You want to see something terrorizing? watch "The Edge" with Anthony Hopkins. >_<
When a bear confronts you, and it gives off a popping sound which it does with it's jaw, you know you are in trouble!
NEVER run from a bear. it triggers an attack since they will perceive you as food. also, they are faster than you are so forget about outrunning one. and if you are out in the woods with me, i'll shoot you in the leg so i can get away. ;D ;D ;D
Now that's funny, :D I don't care who you are!
i don't have to be the fastest guy in the woods, just faster than the slowest guy. that would be the one with the bullet hole in his leg. ;D
If you're going to feed your friend to a bear at least have the decency of spare them being eaten alive with a mere leg wound. ;)
yeah... sheesh... i get a bullet in the leg, AND i get to be eaten alive? :D
As I tell my students: "If you are going to shoot me, don't miss and make it a good one because I won't miss when I return fire!"


Mountain lions scare me! But I wouldn't feel undergunned at all with an xcr and good ammo/shot placement...
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The gut living next to me saw a mountain lion out the back of our place 2 days ago. That doesn't scare me as much as a 700lb Black bear. When they are that big there's no negotiating with them.
If we're talkin bears, it's 12 guage or .308 time for me :)
I totally agree. I saw that big SOB outside my front door, walked back in and looked at my safe and went.... ::) .308 it is!

Did the job perfectly, didn't even move a muscle after the noise.
I totally agree. I saw that big SOB outside my front door, walked back in and looked at my safe and went.... ::) .308 it is!

Did the job perfectly, didn't even move a muscle after the noise.
Where did you aim/hit it?
Where did I am? Well it was that close I could really aim, I just took a snap shot but I hit it right between the eyes! :p
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