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YHM Suppressor

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Sorry for the crudeness of this, but I wanted to share a pic of the suppressor I just bought for my shorty. I took it with a cell phone camera. I got the Yankee Hill 3100A. I looked at the AAC, and the tiny little Surefire, but the SF just seems way over priced. Talking to my dealer it seems the YHM is basically the same as the AAC but about $300 less. I have a couple of 9mm suppressors now, and I rarely use them so I think the YHM will work out ok.

Now I just sit and wait for the Feds to get back with me... 8)

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Looks good, makes me want to call and see about getting one for myself...

The photo is not up to your standards but I am sure we will se something better when you get it home ;D ;D
I started to buy one of those a year and a half ago. Part way through the process, my local dealer upped the price on me. When I protested - his BS is what bothered me, not the extra $175 he wanted - he essentially shut the process down.

I got all my money back, but man it was a PITA. Needless to say, I don't do business with him. Let me know how yours turns out! For the money I thought it'd be GREAT, especially after what silencertest had to say about them.

I'm really interested! So another 4 months for the paperwork?

I'm assuming you got the one with the flash hider, eh?
Where's the pic???
Whats PITA??? and I dont want to hear any one say flat bread...
Whats PITA??? and I dont want to hear any one say flat bread...
[glow=red,2,300]P[/glow]AIN [glow=red,2,300]I[/glow]N [glow=red,2,300]T[/glow]HE [glow=red,2,300]A[/glow]SS
Ahhh, thanks...
aziator- How did you know? When she gets home I'm going to get her some glamour shots for sure!

Bravo- I actually sent in paperwork for an SBR lower in November. I got notice just last week that it was good to go once I corrected a couple of things. I did it through my trust and all in all it only took about 70 days. Not bad for the holidays and everything being thrown in there. But it did disprove my theory... I thought if I sent it in late Nov. then they'd try to clear out stuff before the holidays. So much for that. ::) And yes I got the one with the flash hider.
Ranly, if you enlist you'll need to learn thousands of new acronyms. For a taste, rent "Good Morning Vietnam", there's a hilarious scene where Robin Williams gets off on acronyms.

Here's a few more you'll probably come across sooner or later;

Tango Uniform
Yea I know most, Fucked Up Beyond Repair/Recognition and Do I Look Like I Give A Shit, Im pretty good with acrnyms, I just wasnet sure if it was an under the table dissing of PETA... I hate PETA freaks... I dont know Tango Down Uniform though, dose Tango Down make uniforms and are they pieces of shit, or is it implying the wearing of a dead tangos uniform... lmao whats tango down uniform mean??? I know all my guesses are off...
You will enjoy it, Prizm. The XCR is an excellent platform to suppress. You will appreciate the ease of cleaning, as running suppressed = increased fouling.
It's Tango Uniform, not Tango down Uniform. It means dead, out of commission, no longer working. It's a euphemism for TU.

YHM .308 can, 14.5 inch brl with perm phantom QD, tango down grip, Leupold VXII 1.5-5 on larue SPR mount
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Flanntastic, looks great. How do you like using the .308 can on the .223? I am going to buy a new can and while I would rather have 2 new ones $$$ doesn't flow like water. I was considering buying a .308 to use on everything smaller...
i bought mine for the AR10 but i use it on everything, its heavy but quiet. the XCR is a great suppressed platform, but it is a heavy rifle and putting 2lbs of steel at the end doesn't help. I would buy a dedicated .223 can if i had a bunch of $ but a 9mm can is higher on the wish list right now. I use my .308 can on my .308 Savage 10FP, my AR10, my XCR, my 11.5 AR, and i am going to buy a 762x39 kit for my XCR and use this can for it also.
Ok, guys. I changed my mind. After going to the SHOT show I found something else I want instead of the YHM. The people at Primary Weapons Systems now make a bi-lock break/flash suppressor. It will work with the Gemtech G5, so I think thats what I'm going to do. That will let me leave the break on my weapons at all times. My shop says they'll just take the YHM back and put my money toward the G5. Nothing against the YHM can as I know it's good and a great value. I just want to have the benefits of the PWS break/hider. That being said... I bought two of the FSC 556's off of Aussie a couple of weeks ago. They've been installed on my shortys but never fired. They're both up for sale if anyone is interested. Just let me know. Here's what they look like.
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I'm pretty sure the PWS flash-hiders work with the HALO, not the G5. Are there new PWS comps/FHs that work with the G5/bi-lock?


I'm pretty sure the PWS flash-hiders work with the HALO, not the G5. Are there new PWS comps/FHs that work with the G5/bi-lock?

Yes, arawn the new PWS works with the G5. It's their new bi-lock. Talked to both the PWS guy (Todd) and the Gemtech folks and now PWS is making a bi-lock for the G5. So, I'm going to have to get a PWS for each weapon, after I just bought the no bi-lock ones. Oh well, it's the story of my life.
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