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Ok folks, I am getting ready to order my XCR later this month. Need some suggestions from the experts here on BUIS. I want to know what everyones experience has been with some different brands.

I have narrowed my choices down to:

1. Troy Industries. M4 style front or the H&K style? Which do you like better? Of course I would be purchasing the rear as well. I think the H&K style would look cool on the XCR, but what does the sight picture look like for someone who is accustomed to AR-15/M1/M-14 sights? I have a PTR-91, but you know it has the full front globe sight. Also, Troys appear to be the best quality, just a bit more pricey.

2. Midwest Industries. Of course are a factory option from RA. What has been everyones experience with these?

3. Yankee Hill Machine. I have a rear YHM on a 14" AR with Eotech. Seems to be good quality, no problems.

4. GG&G sights. Not much experience with them.

All of these are within the same price range sans the Troys, but not THAT much more. I have a spare Eotech 552 that I will mount on it at a later time, but want some suggestions for the 'most bang for my buck' for BUIS that will be what I will primarily use for a while.

What do you folks think?

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I have the Troy Industries versions. Very solid sights and came with a tool to adjust the elevation of the front sight post. Only complaint is that the spring loaded detent to fold is very strong and takes a concerted effort to raise or lower.

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If you're going to be using them as primary sights--even for a limited time--I'd look more towards the Matech and/or the Knights 300m or 600m (my choice) sights. These are very good iron sights, and not just as a backup for whatever optics you happen to have.

I often find myself dismounting my Aimpoint just to use the Knight's. They are that good. As for the HK vs. AR style front posts, I think this is just personal preference. I have far more experience with HK style sights, but my XCR has the Knight's front sight, which is an AR style. I like the HK style, but really it's not a big deal. Half a dozen of one, six of another.

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Here is my canned answer:


I hear how Troy makes quality BUIS but how can Troy make quality BUIS when they don't make anything? Now the guy who Troy contracts out to make them, he is the one that make quality BUIS's :)

Here is how the BUIS I have owned stacks up:

Troy (front and rear)- I have these on my Noveske. They are labled Noveske but they are actually Troy's. They are no doubt qualit stuff. They work and they are pretty, but at $260 for the set, they are way over priced. Only reason I got them is because they came with the rifle.

Midwest Industries (front and rear) - I like these a lot. You can get them for $160 for the set from a lot of guys online. I like how the front site is a 3/4 circle, makes it naturally easy to line up with the rear. Also the action is a lot smoother than the Troy as they flip up and down a lot easier. I like these so much that I got 3 sets on 3 different rifles (M4, AR10, XCR).

PRI (front only) - I think this site is an excellent value for $100 (Front only). The circle just makes it naturally easy to use with the rear. Quality is right up there with the best of them. For front site, these are my first choice. I have this on one of my AR-10's.

ARMS 40L (rear only) - I have had this unit for about 3 years now. Back then they were around the same price they are now, wich is about $110. I only used it when I first zero'd. All I can say it is not a bad site, but I don't really like how the flip up action works on this. I have this one mated to my PRI front, and the 2 together seem to work just fine.

Yankee Hill Machine - These go for about $120 for the set and are excellent value. I don't own a set but I have used them before as my buddy has 3 sets of these ;and he is not dissapointed.

Promag (front and rear) - Appearence wise, the front looks like a YHM unit, and the rear looks like a MI unit. I just got mine today so I have not tested it yet. Initial impression is these are actually not bad, not as nice looking as some of the others, but they do appear solid. I had no problem co-witnessing them with the Aimpoint. I have no doubt they will work. Not bad for $45 each, or $90 for the set. I decided to pick up a set to try out after meeting a guy at the range that had a set, and he had nothing but good things to say about them. If you are on a budget, these are the sites for you. I have them my Bushmaster .450 and don't know when I will get rounds for the .450, so looks like it will be awhile before I get to test them out. I am not worried about being haggled by the Troy Kool Aid drinkers how not cool they are.

Remember, they are called backup Iron Sites for a reason. Sometimes I think it is kinda crazy spending $300 on sites you may never use.
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