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Zeiss Z-Point Reflex

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Does anyone here have experience with, or an opinion on the Zeiss Z-Point reflex sight? I found one in a local camera store for a really good price. The manager of the shop told me it came in by mistake with some other Zeiss products and the wholesaler refused to take it back, so he is selling for cost. Since i have never heard of the Z-point, I was a little reluctant to pick it up without doing a little homework first. It seems to be pretty solid and very simple. I was thinking about getting an Aimpoint Micro, but this is more than $300 cheaper and appears to have more features. Should I go for it?
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I own three (3) Zeiss Scopes. All have excellent optics and are great products. I DO NOT have a Z-Point Reflex but would snatch it up if the price is right. Later if you don't like it....... you can offer it to the Gunner, because he will take it off your hands. >:D
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