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Zeroing Your XCR

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Hi guys, thought I'd post some helpful info about poa/poi on the xcr vs the ar.

The current trend in zeroing rifles in .223/5.56 is to zero at 50 yards. This give the most useful trajectory out to 250-300 yards.
The XCR's sight plane is slightly different than an Ar's because buis sit at 3" rather than 2.6" on the AR.
So here is a comparison of a 50 yard zero trajectory on an AR vs an XCR, then a comparison of different zeros on an xcr.

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nice info. Thanks for this.
I wonder how a heavier bullet would react in the 1/9 XCR? Say 62 or greater?
Thanks for sharing, good info.
If you port this info over to 62 a grain ballistics chart I will love you forever and always be true. I’ll bet the variance is not much. This is great info. Thanks for doing this.
The variance shouldnt be much at all. Gravity is still 9.8 m/(s^2) no matter what weight bullet you use. Bullet velocity has a much greater effect on trajectory.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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